Asiatica Association

Asiatica Association – Legal Status

The Asiatica Association has been established in Milan on May 13, 1997 as a non-profit, cultural association to promote and diffuse the study of Asian cultures. It is open to all bona fide scholars whose interest is the knowledge of Asian countries and the encounter between Asian values, Human Rights values, and Western values.

The         Constitution of the Asiatica Association. From right to left:         Notary Public Lodovico Barassi, Enrica Garzilli, her daughter         Andrea Rachele Fiore, Ludovico Magnocavallo. The Asiatica Association has been established with a formal act as a non-profit, cultural association. Its statute has been registered by notary public Dr. Lodovico Barassi according to the Italian law.

We can organize our activities by ourselves, or together with other governmental or non-governmental associations, institutions, people.

Our Board is made by the President, the Vice-president, one Advisor of the Board that can be chosen by the President and the Vice- President. An official Accountant, Dr. Federico Bigoni, is also a member of the Board. He is by statute an expert in finance and administration. He is also our treasurer. He controls the administrative and financial books of the association, he revises its budget, he participates to the meetings of the Board as the official controller.

The common endowment of the Asiatica Association is initially made by the personal contribution (money, equipment, etc.) of its present Founding Members: the President, the Vice-President, and the Advisor. It can be enlarged by donations, Memberships' rates, and the gains of the association's activities in respect of its legal founding act.

The Board is made by the Founding Members and an Advisor. They can only work for free, but a token to cover the expenses. The Asiatica Association would be nothing but a mere name without its Members. Members contribute money, ideas, time and expertize -- with papers, reviews, and announcements. We all together enjoy money, ideas, time, and expertize. In order to unleash the Asiatica's full potential, the active participation of every member in the community is required and welcomed.

There are four Memberships: Soci Fondatori or Founding Members, namely those who have established the association and belong to its Board, or those who become Founding Members by a large conrtibution; Soci Sostenitori or Ordinary Members, namely those people or institutions who pay an annual rate; Soci d' Onore or Honorary Members, those people or institutions who are nominated by the Board to have strongly benefitted the association with works and/or prestige; Soci Benemeriti or Extraordinary Members, namely those people or institutions who have given free and personal donations in money or work to the association. The Asiatica membership program is designed to make joining the association fully accessible to everyone.

There is an Ordinary and an Extraordinary Assembly, both established by the President. The Ordinary Assembly is made by all Members. The Board, the Ordinary Members who have regularly paid the annual rate of the association, the Honorary Members and the Extraordinary Members meet every other year via Internet to vote and decide the main features of the association such as its budget, conferences, new proposals, international meetings, and so on. Honorary and Extraordinary Members can only partecipate to the assembly. The Ordinary Assembly can also be established every time the Vice-President or the Advisor of the Board ask for it.

The Extraordinary Assembly decides any new feature of the Statute of the Asiatica Association, including the end of the association and the nomination of the official Accountant. Members should be informed of the Assembly at least 15 days before the meeting. The informative hard copy or electronic note should clearly indicate schedule, location, time and date of the two consecutive meetings (which can be established at half a hour distance one another). The first meeting is valid only if at least half of the Members who have the right to participate are present. The second meeting is valid anyway.

Any decision legally voted by the Assembly is valid, unless the Board votes against it. The decision is valid if and when at least half plus one present people have voted for it. People are considered present if and when they have clearly expressed their intention to partecipate under their real name and address (in the case of an Internet meeting), and have clearly expressed their vote.

The Board can meet to decide the ordinary and extraordinary administration, with the exception of the legal aims of the Asiatica Association. The President, or the Vice-president if the President is not able to participate, is legally responsible of any financial and administrative decision, also towards the Board itself, banks, people, partners, institutions, and so on. In case of litigation the President can name a person to represent the Asiatica Association in the arbitration.