International Journal of Tantric Studies

Aims and Mission

This Journal is open to all bona fide scholars in Tantric Studies in Sanskrit, Bengali, Vernacular, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Particular attention is paid to the Trika schools of Kashmir.

This Journal was primarily established to publish on Tantras (or Agamas or Samhitas in Sanskrit) scholarly topics concerning one or more parts of them. This includes the philosophy of language, of knowledge, aesthetics, rhetorics, etc. (e.g. Abhinavagupta's commentary on the DhvanyAloka of Anandavardhana). It also includes e.g. architectural Tantric-based items, stotras, papers on Tantric authors, medicine, chemistry, astronomy/astrology, history of Tantrism, etc.

We gladly publish Tantric and Tantric-related translations (following the same rules given for papers), and editions. We include unpublished articles, abstracts, and news (such as on published and unpublished books, on papers, conferences, meetings, Ph.D. projects, etc.). Info do not include reviews and comments on publications. Among info, we might publish a gossip note on public news regarding Tantric-based events and regarding Tantrikas!

The journal includes unpublished articles, abstracts, reviews, and news (such as on published books, on papers, conferences, meetings, events, Ph.D. projects, etc.)

Every six or seven issues, we will publish the hard copy volume of the collected issues, like we did for the Journal of South Asia Women Studies Collected Issues 1995-1998. They will be reviewed, edited, printed, bound, and distributed under request.