International Journal of Tantric Studies


The book Translating, Translations, Translators. From India to The West, ed. Enrica Garzilli, will be released shortly by the Harvard Oriental Sub-series Opera Minora. It will be the inaugural volume.

It contains fourteen papers of internationally known scholars who have translated from Sanskrit, Vedic, Hindi or Tibetan into a Western language. Six papers deal with Tantric subjects.

The book has been published in 1996: Translating, Translations, Translators. From India to the West. [Based on symposium held at Harvard University in May 1994, with contributions by other international scholars]. Edited by Enrica Garzilli, Cambridge 1996. Pages xvii, 190.

To order it please do so directly with the distributor: South Asia Books, P.O. Box 502, Columbia, MO 65205, Phone: 573-474-0116; Fax 573-474-8124; Email:,; send email;

Or write to: HOS-Opera Minora, Dept. of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, 2 Divinty Avenue, Cambridge MA 02138