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Editorial Note by Enrica Garzilli

I want to open this issue thanking who helped me in making this technically possible -- that is to say, simply possible -- Arch. Ludovico Magnocavallo. He keeps pushing me with one innovation after the other, obliging me to update myself, to run, and to open my eyes to the very quick Internet world. He is the only responsible for the Computer Space, which is dedicated to computer problems and solutions.

I should also like to thank the Editors: they vouch for the level of the Journal, and they helped me in reviewing papers -- sometimes, I should say, in a very lively tone.

Something regarding the letters we are publishing. I answered one of them that was addressed to me. I hope somebody wants to answer the second letter sending a msg to

The paper we are publishing is entitled The Dance of the Guru's Eight Aspects. It has been written by Dr. Cathy Cantwell (PhD in Social Anthropology from UKC), Lecturer in Religious Studies at University of Wales.

Cantwell's paper deals with a ritual Tibetan dance. The paper also offers many Tibetan terms, which have been transliterated and explained in order to make them understandable to a reader who is, perhaps, more accustomed to Sanskrit. The paper is published in these pages accompanied by pictures taken by the author when she went to Tibet, in 1981-1983. They have been reduced for a fast reading. Click on them and they will enlarge. Have a look at the pictures: they are simply fabulous!

We would like to distribute a Directory Email Book of the IJTS Members. The DEB will be distributed only via email to you, and it will not be published on our WWW pages. It is meant to be a means to link us and make us and our work know one to another.

You can copy the form from this page or download it from our ftp server in the IJTS directory. If you want to reply you have just to fill up the blanks and send the form back to me ( or to the IJTS ( We will publish the info only in the way you write them. We will not be responsible for any wrong or incomplete info.

The form will read like this:

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The more answers we get the more useful the DEB will be. We hope in your collaboration!