International Journal of Tantric Studies

Note from the Editor

Editorial Note by Enrica Garzilli

Ten years and five months ago this night, I put my fingers on my first laptop keyboard and sent this message to Indology tro announce the birth of the International Journal of Tantric Studies (IJTS), one of the first three academic e-journals in the world. At the beginning it was spread only by email and was free.

Friends and Colleagues,

This is to inform you of the new electronic INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF

Subscription is free and open to all. Articles, news etc. submitted to
the journal are subject to review before publication.


   Editor-in-Chief: Enrica GARZILLI (Harvard University)
   Co-Editor: Michael WITZEL (Harvard University)
   Editorial Board: <exact composition to follow>
   e-mail (to subscribe):

  Technical Assistant: Ludovico MAGNOCAVALLO (Politecnico of Milan)

1) This journal is open to all *bona fide* scholars in Tantric Studies in 
Sanskrit. Particular attention is paid to the Trika schools of Kashmir.
2) It is monitored for style and content by the Editor-in-Chief.
3) There is copyright but with automatic permission to publish anywhere else 
later on when the author wishes to do so. Our aim is to disseminate our 
work quickly.
4) We include unpublished articles, abstracts, and news (such as on 
published books, on papers, conferences, meetings, events, 
Ph.D. projects, etc.)
5) We plan to publish once a year a hard copy of all the contributions 
to this Journal. It will be distributed under request. 

Subscriptions are open from now, May 30, 1995.

> The address for submissions is:
> To subscribe, send a message to:
 With this subject and/or content:
 subscribe (your-name)
e.g.: subscribe (Joseph Green)

WWW pages will be created by June 7, 1995.
                  * Submissions are always welcome! *

Dott. Enrica Garzilli

On May 13, 1997 we established the NGO Asiatica Association Onlus in order to publish our journals, the IJTS and the JSAWS, also in hard copy, and to protect the copyright of authors. We had to restrict the membership to paying members. Nowadays we have most of the major academic libraries all over the world that subcribe to the Asiatica. Since 1995 we have received for publication over 350 papers, and we have received some 2980 messages.

On the occasion of our birthday I want to thank all our editors, Roberto Donatoni (Adelphi Edizioni, Italy), Prof. Minoru Hara (Tokyo University, Japan), Prof. Karel van Kooij (Leiden University, The Nederlands), Prof. David N. Lorenzen (El Colegio de México, Mexico), Prof. Benjamin Prejado (El Colegio de México, Mexico), Prof. Michael Rabe (Saint Xavier University, USA), Prof. Debabrata Sensharma (Kurukshetra University, India). My special thanks to Prof. Michael Witzel, our Co-Editor, with whom I planned the IJTS. I want also thank our Technical Editor, Dr. Ludovico Magnocavallo: Without his constant effort and his technical innovations this publication would not have been possible.

We want to inaugurate the 11th year of publication with the paper by Dr. Peter Flügel (Chair of the Centre of Jaina Studies, Department of the Study of Religions at the SAOS), "Beyond The Hindu Frontier, Jaina-Vaiṣṇava Syncretism In The Gujarātī Diaspora". The article deals with the Akram Vijñān movement and is based on Flugel’s intermittent fieldwork between 1997-2004 in Amadāvād/Ahmedabad, London, Mumbaī/Bombay, Surat, and Vaḍodarā/Baroda. The paper is a precious document since it also offers original Gujarātī ritual texts. Most of the texts have been published in the pamphlet literature of the Akram Vijñān Mārg.

Since the paper is exceptionally long -- a short book in fact -- we have cut it into two parts. The second part will be published in a few days.

Happy reading!