Journal of South Asia Women Studies

Journal of South Asia Women Studies 1995-1997

Edited by Enrica Garzilli

Milano, Italia: Asiatica Association, 1997

Pp. XVII + 244. ISBN 88-900226-0-4.


Book Cover The first book of the first academic journal on South Asia Women's Studies on the Internet is finally available. For the first time an electronic journal becomes a hard copy publication.

The Journal of South Asia Women Studies is a peer reviewed, award-winning journal. This publication comprises six JSAWS issues, from November 1995 to August 1997.

The journal was established to promote, collect and unify scholarship on and by South Asian women in such fields and topics such as religious studies, ethics, human rights, law, economics, literature, anthropology, social sciences, etc. The journal is also a platform for dialog on interfaith issues, and for dialog on issues of importance to Asian women.

We want to promote an international debate on the subject and create a channel of communication between science and media, between scholarly production and NGOs activities, and between positive and religious thought and/or ethical thought. We want to publicize the scholarly study of women in terms of human rights. Women Studies, and particularly “Third World” Women Studies, means to be involved in ethical and social issues.

The areas of study of this journal include all the Asian countries from India to Taiwan.

Readers' Comments

  • Clearly, the journal should not come out from your life, but should be something with compensation for the grief and reward for the pleasure. A labor of love can only carry you so far.

    Dr. R. Thomas Berner, Professor of Journalism and American Studies, The Pennsylvania State University (USA)

  • I just wanted to write now to congratulate you and the other leaders in this endeavour. It is an important work, and you are to be commended! Keep up the good work!

    Dr. Jim McMara, Department of Religious Studies, University of Cape Town (South Africa)

  • I am very pleased to come across the Journal on the Internet. I assume the journal appears in print as well. I should like to encourage several departments to support our application for a library subscription…

    Dr. Rohit Barot, Department of Sociology, University of Bristol (UK)

  • I am very interested in your journal and I would also like to receive a hard copy if possible… I am the founder and director of the South Asian Women’s Conference…

    Sangeeta Sangupta, PhD candidate in the History Dept., UCLA (USA)