Journal of South Asia Women Studies

New Titles

South Asia

India Unbound. From Independence to the Global Information Age

By Gurcharan Das

New Delhi Penguin Books, rev. and updated ed. 2002 (1st ed. 2000)

Pp. XIX + 412. Price: India Rs. 295

A History of Literature in English

By Arvind Krishna Mehrotra ed.

London C. Hurst & Co. (Publishers) Ltd., March 2003

Pp. XXII + 406. Paperback ISBN 1-85065-681-9. Hardback ISBN 1-85065-680-0.

The Cultural Politics of Market. Economic Liberalization and Social Change in Nepal

By Katharine Neilson Rankin

London Pluto Press, May 2004

Pp. XXII + 243. Paperback ISBN 0 7453 1945 9. Hardback ISBN 0 7453 1944 0.

Southest and East Asia

Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol. 3, no. 2

The Academy of East Asian Studies, Sungkyunkwan University, Sept. 2003

ISSN 1598-2661

Going Home to a Landscape. Writing by Filipinas

By Marianne Villanueva, Virginia Cerenio ed.

Corvallis, Oregon Calyx Books, November 2003

Pp. 338. ISBN 0-934971-84-6. Price: Cloth (library binding) $ 32.95

Durga/Umayi. A Novel.

By Y. B. Mangunwijaya tr.

Seattle and London University of Washington Press in association with Singapore University Press, June 2004

Pp. 212. ISBN 0-295-98392-2. Price: $ 20