Journal of South Asia Women Studies

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Editorial Note by Enrica Garzilli

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I want to remind you that you can see and buy (US$ 27 + postage) our book Journal of South Asia Women Studies -- 1995-97 , Milan: Asiatica Association, 1997, via our page: or you can order it to us (, or you can order it to South Asia Books, Columbia, MO (USA). Tel. +1+573-474 0116. Email:

The first paper we publish is titled Gender Equity Restricted: Indian Demographic Transition Delayed, and was written for our journal by William M. Alexander. He is Emeritus Professor of World Food Politics at California Polytechnic State University (USA). The second paper titled Eurogamy as Racism Among South Asian Women: A Consequence of Euro-Western Domination is authored by Dr. Ronald E. Hall, of the David Walker Research Institute/School of Social Work at Michigan State University (USA).