Asiatica Association

IJTS Vol. 7, No. 1

12 oct 2005, archived in ijts

We want to inaugurate the 11th year of the IJTS publications with the 1st part of the paper by Dr. Peter Flügel (SOAS) "Beyond The Hindu Frontier Jaina-Vaiṣṇava Syncretism In The Gujarātī Daspora". The article deals with the Akram Vijñān movement and is based on Peter Flügel's intermittent fieldwork between 1997-2004 in Amadāvād/Ahmedabad, London, Mumbaī/Bombay, Surat, and Vaḍodarā/Baroda. The paper also offers original Gujarātī ritual texts. Most of the texts have been published in the pamphlet literature of the Akram Vijñān Mārg.