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The Sharia law enforced in the northwestern Swat valley, Pakistan

16 feb 2009, archived in news

The Pakistan government and Islamic hardliners on Monday signed an agreement to enforce the Sharia law in the northwestern Swat valley and to end the fighting. It will also be established a new political administration in the Swat. Articles from The Long War Journal, Pakistan Dawn, Al Jazeera.

Until two years ago, Swat was a jewel in the crown of Pakistani tourism, frequented by foreign and local tourists. For several decades, the Swat valley has been hosting archeological missions, which were first carried out in the Fifties by the IsMEO and promoted by Giuseppe Tucci.

What will happen to the archeological sites? Will they be bombed by the Talibans, as it happened in 2001 to the Buddhas of Bamiyan, in Afghanistan?