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Tibet Album: British Photography in Central Tibet 1920 - 1950 

5 mar 2009, archived in human rightsresources

On March 10, 2009 Buddhists and Tibetans all over the world will celebrate the Tibetan uprising, when an anti-Chinese and anti-Communist revolt erupted in Lhasa. To commemorate the event we want to point out out the beautiful site British Photographers in Tibet: British Photography in Central Tibet 1920 - 1950. You will enjoy pitctures of a country, which is now partly China, partly dead.

The collections are preserved in the Pitt Rivers Museum (Oxford) and the British Museum (London). The exceptional photographers are Charles Bell (1870-1945), Frederick Spencer Chapman (1907-1971), Arthur Hopkinson (1894-1953), Rabden Lepcha, Evan Nepean (1909-2002), Hugh Richardson (1905-2000), Harry Staunton (1908-1945). You will also enjoy photographies taken in the expeditions, included in books, and Spencer Chapman’s film rolls.