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Journal of South Asia Women Studies vol. 11, n. 1

28 mar 2009, archived in jsaws

After a break due to technical reorganization, I am very happy to announce the new issue of the Journal of South Asia Women Studies, vol. 11, no. 1. In this issue:

Summary of "Female Rishis and Philosophers in the Veda?"

It is a traditional but common misconception that a considerable number of Ṛgvedic hymns were composed by women. Though female authors and interlocutors are not entirely absent from the Vedas, the role of 'literate' women in the Ṛgveda will have to be re-evaluated. The traditional names given for female Ṛgvedic authors include those derived from the wordings of the hymns but also personified Belief, Speech and a bitch.

Enjoy it!