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Enrica Garzilli, "Le elezioni dell’assemblea costituente e i primi mesi di governo della Repubblica Democratica Federale del Nepal"

16 jun 2009, archived in papers

A few days ago Enrica Garzilli published the paper Le elezioni dell'assemblea costituente e i primi mesi di governo della Repubblica Democratica Federale del Nepal [The Elections of the Constituent Assembly and the First Months of Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal].

It analyses the period before and during the elections and the madhesi revolt, wondering whether the elections were representative of people's will, and the two main problems of the democratic Nepal. The first one is the severe energy crisis, which brought the whole country to 16 hours of power cut every day. The second main issue is the destination over the 20,000 Maoist soldiers, who should be trained and resettled as ordinary Nepali citizens. On May 23, 2009 this situation brought Prachanda to quit as Prime Minister, after a conflict with the president over the dismissal of the army's chief of staff, and Madhav Kumar Nepal at the head of the government.

The paper was published in the book of the association Asia Maior, edited by M. Torri and N. Mocci Crisi locali, crisi globale e nuovi equilibri in Asia [Local Crisis, Global Crisis, and the New Balance of Powers in Asia] (Milano, 2009), which includes papers on Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China, North and South Korea, and Japan.