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News for April 2010

AJISS-Commentary No. 89: “”An East Asian Community and Japan-China Relations” by Yoshihide Soeya

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The Association of Japanese Institutes of Strategic Studies (AJISS), consisting of the Institute for International Policy Studies (IIPS), The Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA), and the Research Institute for Peace and Security (RIPS), has just published the AJISS-Commentary No. 89 An East Asian Community and Japan-China Relations, by Yoshihide Soeya, Director of the Institute of East Asian Studies, Keio University.

Since the end of the Cold War, the most important strategic relationship in East Asia has been and will continue to be the one between the United States and China. Given this profound reality, Japan is obviously a lesser strategic player, and it is a fundamental mistake, both analytically and policy-wise, to treat Japan as one of the “four great powers” (including Russia) in Northeast Asia.

Research Grant 2011, Center for Chinese Studies (Taiwan)

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The Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) is currently accepting applications for research grants in 2011. This grant is designed to assist foreign scholars, foreign professors (at every level), doctoral candidates or researchers in conducting research in Taiwan. Research projects should be within the field of Chinese or Taiwanese studies.

Newari Summer School, Vienna 2010

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There will be the first Newari Summer School in Vienna from August 30 to September 10, 2010. I guess that in 10 days will be difficult to learn this language and the wonderful Newari art and literature, but it will be a useful introduction to this little known Nepalese civilization.

Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture vol. 12 (Aug. 2009)

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We have just received (on surface) the Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, vol. 12 / August 2009, which is published by the Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Culture of Sungkyunkwan University, a private academia located in Seoul and Suwon, South Korea, which was established in 1398 and is considered one of the foremost universities in the country. Here (in pdf) a paper on the institution, its aims and its history. 

The papers of the Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture deal with Confucianism, its idea and ideals and the more recent studies on it. They are written either in Korean with a summary in English, or in English.

The Saraswati Sanskrit Prize 2010

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A very interesting initiative to promote the knowledge of Classical Indian Studies and the Indian heritage: the Saraswati Sanskrit Prize 2010, instituted by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Government of India, and the Classical Indology, South Asia Institute at Heidelberg University, Germany. 

This is an award to recognize the contribution of bonafide students in promoting the understanding of Sanskrit. The prize comprizes a ten-day visit to India, including air travel and hospitality, a citation and a silver plaque to be presented during an award ceremony in India.

Summer Schools: Spoken Sanskrit and Nepali Intensive Course

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In Europe there is a unique opportunity to learn and practice spoken Sanskrit in a lively manner under the guidance of Dr. Sadananda Das, who has been teaching this intensive course for over ten years.

You can also learn and practice Nepali under the guidance of Laxmi Nath Shrestha, an experienced teacher