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H.R.H. Princess India d’Afghanistan: How to Solve the Afghan Dilemma 

14 may 2010, archived in news

Hundreds of villagers in the Afghan province of Nangarhar protested over a Nato raid, which they claim killed several civilians. Local estimates vary from 6 to 11 dead people. The operation should have targeted Taliban hideout only, but Nato officials said they were not aware of civilian deaths.

In next issue of the Journal of South Asia Women Studies we will publish and interview to H.R.H. Princess India d’Afghanistan, one of the daughters of ex king Amanullah Khan (1892-1960).

She is the honorary Cultural Ambassador of Afghanistan to Europe and one of founder members of Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation (MTCF) and Vice Chairman of Board of Management. Princess India will offering a new, original and constructive solution to the military occupation of the country.

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