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Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture vol. 13 (Feb. 2010)

23 may 2010, archived in periodicals

We have just received (on surface) the Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, vol. 13 / February, 2010, which is published by the Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Culture of Sungkyunkwan University, a private academia located in Seoul and Suwon, South Korea, which was established in 1398 and is considered one of the foremost universities in the country. Here (in pdf) a paper on the institution, its aims and its history. 

The papers of the Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture deal with Confucianism, its idea and idealsand the more recent studies on it. They are written either in Korean with a summary in English, or in English.

Table of contents, papers: "The Practice Character of Confucian Ren and the Traditional Chinese Practice of Ren", by Wang Ya; "Education via Music" of Confucius, Mengzi and Xunzi", by Wang Mudong; "A Re-examination on Zhuru Mingdao Ji", by Fang Xudong; "Attempting to Relate the Composing Backgrounds and Process of Liu Zongzhou's Book of the Human", by Gao Haibo; "Analysis on the Self under the Vision of Confucian Values", by Wang Xin-chun; "The Dualistic Functions of Junzi&Xiaoren and Confucian Social Policy", by Lim Tae-Seung; "Tradition  and Modernism Seen as Cultural Memory", Bak Sang Hwan and Kim Gye Hwan; "A Study on T'oegye Yi Hwang", by Lee Kwang Ho.

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