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Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies, vol. 10, no. 1 (Apr. 2010)

30 jun 2010, archived in periodicals

We have just received (on surface) the Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies, vol. 10, no. 1 (Apr. 2009). This is a research publication on Sinology written in English. It is published by the Academy of East Asian Studies of Sungkyunkwan University.

This edition includes a special issue titled "Genealogies in Korea and China", containing the papers: "On the Construction Process of the Surname / Ancestral Seat Descent Groups in Korea as Seen through Genealogies" by Miyajima Hiroshi; "The Effects of Man's Remarriage and Adoption on Family Succession in

the 17th to the 19th Century Rural Korea: Based on the Andong Kwon Clan Genealogy" by Son Byunggyu; "Institutions and Inequality: Comparing the Zongshi and the Jueluo in the Qing Imperial Lineage" by Linlan Wang, James Lee, and Cameron Campbell.

This issue also includes the papers "Chang'an on My Mind: A Reading of Lu Zhaolin's "Chang'an, Thoughts on Antiquity" by William Nienhauser; "Violence and Therapy in Murakami Haruki's Kafka on the Shore" by Jonathan Dil; "Amenomori Hoshu's Choson Language School in Tsushima", by Woobinn Kim; and two books reviews.

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