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Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies, 114

19 aug 2010, archived in periodicals

We have just received (on surface mail) the Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies, 114 (May 2010 - vol. 29, no. 2), a hard copy quarterly published by the Center for Chinese Studies (CCS), established in 1981 to promote research in Chinese studies both in Taiwan (The Republic of China) and overseas.

It is written in Chinese with subtitles in English. It contains articles, interviews, and regular updates on the happenings in the worldwide community of Chinese studies.

This issue includes: Special Feature ("Setting Sail on a New Century: The Opening of the National Central Library's "Matteo Ricci & Pacific Studies Reading Room", by Karl Min Ku); Summary of Research (papers: "A Brief Discussion of W. A. P. Martin's Chinese Version of "Psalm of Life", by Wang Wenbing; "A Survey of Public

Collections of Seal Albums in Taiwan”, by Ko Shih-an); Research Project (“Introduction to the Projection “Beyond text: International Forum Series and Workshop on Material Culture Studies”, by Chen Jue); Researchers of Chinese Studies Scholars (“German Sinologist Richard Wilhem and Confucianism”, by Jiang Rui); Introduction of Materials; Book Review; Conference Reports; News from Academia.

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