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News for September 2010

5th Annual SASA Conference, April 8-10, 2010 - Virginia Communwealth University, Richmond (USA)

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Call for Papers 5th Annual SASA Conference April 8-10, 2010 Virginia Communwealth University, Richmond. SASA is dedicated to "Understanding South Asia's Cultures, Histories, Issues, and Opportunities." SASA encourages multi-disciplinary exchange and dialogue within the unifying arc of South Asian studies. Submissions from all disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, diaspora studies and world of commerce are encouraged. For those in film, we anticipate screening a full day of documentaries plus Q&A with the film makers.

The Tragedy of Flood Damages in Pakistan

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Belgium EU based Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) said that flood damages in Pakistan are unrecoverable. World community standup to help 200 millions populations, who are still sitting under nude sky without food, medicines and shelter. Post-flood diseases, loses and damages cannot be estimated yet. It is a disaster worse than Tsunami for poor majority.

The affected areas urgently need food, clean drinking water, cloths and essential using items and also cash help to go back homes. Six thousands villages and 400 thousands animals were killed, and 31 lakh Acers agricultural land has been destroyed; above all, 70 lakh peoples left their homes and lost everything in the flood. What did it do the Pakistani government? Not much or at least not well enough.