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Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture vol. 15 (Feb. 2011)

22 apr 2011, archived in periodicals

We have just received the International Edition of the Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, vol. 15 / February 2011, which is published by the Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, Academy of East Asian Studies of Sungkyunkwan University, a private academia located in Seoul and Suwon, South Korea, which was established in 1398 and is considered one of the foremost universities in the country.

The papers of the Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture deal with Confucianism, its idea and idealsand the more recent studies on it. They are written either in Korean with a summary in English, or in English. In this issue, which is 352 page long, papers are written in Korean.

Table of contents, papers: “The Origin of Ritual and Music of the Confucius Ceremony…” by Kim, Sung Kee; “The Moral Change from Ordinary to Metaphysical in Pre-Chin…” by Su Tzu-Ying; “The Trait of Daoism of Confucian Philosophy” by Gou Xiaoqian; “The textual Research on Qidiaoshi School” by Song Li-lin;

“On Zhang Zai and Lu Dalin’s Discussion about “Xing and Tiandao” by Wen Bifang; “The Neo-Confucianism Feature of Cheng Hao’s Interpretation…” by Tang Minggui; “Analogy and Rise: The Idea as the Source in Poetics” by Wang Kuner and Huang Yushun; “The Studies of Ye Shi’s Philosophical Thinking” by Yang Guorong; “The Analysis of the Origin of Confucianism of Song Dynasty” by Liu Hui and Shao Hanming; “Wang Fuzhi’s Explain on Time and Place in Qian Divanation” by Zhang Xuezhi; “Hsuan Tsung-his and the Reconstruting of the Viewpoints…” by Huang Dun-bing; “The Problem of Disseminating Contemporary…” by Tee Boon-Chuan; “On the Ecological Significances of Confucian Music Theory” by Qiao Qingju; “The Vision of Cultural Studies in the 21 Century…” by Bak, Sang Hwan.

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