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Jain eLibrary: Jain scriptures, manuscripts, dictionary, encyclopedia, articles, magazines, and ancient and contemporary books 

6 feb 2012, archived in resources

To protect, preserve, and disseminate the ancient and contemporary Jain literature, the Jain Education International organization in cooperation with Shri Mahavir Ardhana Kendra, Koba Ahmedabad; and Shri Prachya Vidyapith, Sajapur, India has launched a Jain eLibrary project. Under this project the Jain literature is converted electronically into eBooks (pdf or other formatted files) or other electronic media and made available via the website.

The eLibrary comprises of a vast collection of literature on Jain principles, such as Ahimsa, compassion, karma philosophy, and Anekäntaväda. It also provides Jain educational material for Jain Päthashälä or Sunday school.

Jain eLibrary website is a non-commercial religious website. It is totally funded through contribution received from Jain community and others from all over the world. Please donate generously via this page.

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