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Roberto Donatoni (10-03-1959/20-03-2012)

22 mar 2012, archived in news

The Indologist Roberto (Silvio Edevain) Donatoni, one of the editors of the International Journal of Tantric Studies, has suddenly passed away on his 53rd birthday, on March 20, at his home in Milano, Italy.

He was a refined Sanskritist and Tibetologist and his knowledge was deep and comprehensive. He studied in Pune. He translated from Sanskrit the Jivanmuktiviveka by Vidyaranya (Milano, 1995). He worked for some 28 years as the editor of the Indology, Tibetan and Sanskrit books of the Adelphi.  He also owned one of the best (and biggest) private Sanskrit libraries in Italy.

He was always generous of suggestions and ready to help, and to lend books. He was patient, meticulous, profound, yet "light" and cheerful. He will be missed by many.


  1. elisa freschi, 23 mar 2012

    What a sad and unexpected piece of news. His contribution to the Sanskrit and Tibetan studies in Italy, to their diffusion and to their appeal also to a non-specialist public is invaluable.

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