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Gender, Social Change and the Media

8 jun 2012, archived in books

We are pleased to announce the publication of Gender, Social Change and the Media, eds. by Johannes D. Schmidt and Torsten R. Berg, Delhi: Rawat Publications, 2012. Pp. 240. Rs.695 / US$45 (Hardcover). ISBN: 978-81-316-0513-4

List of Contributors: Lok Raj Baral, Torsten Rødel Berg, Chandra Bhadra, Enrica Garzilli, "The Interplay between Gender, Religion and Politics, and the New Violence against Women in Nepal”, Hanne Lund Jensen, Sunil Pokharel, Sangita Rayamajhi, Shiva Rijal, Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt, Nisha Sharma, Abhi Subedi, Gérard Toffin.

This book is an informative, engaging and critical attempt to contribute to a profound discussion about gender and social change in landlocked Nepal in South Asia. It covers new ground relating to the challenges women face in terms of the enormous changes taking place in the Nepalese society.

The key themes embody a diverse number of interdisciplinary areas such as historically contextualized analysis of women’s rights; religion, caste and women’s status; changing cultures, migration and change in gender relations; war, violence and social conflict and its relationship to changes at the household level in terms of gender; education, media, governance and democracy’s relations to women’s changing status in society; and arts and theatre and how it impacts women’s situation in Nepal.

The book is an important addition to the existing scanty literature on social and cultural change in Nepal. With the contributions of well-known experts in the field, not only it provides new and challenging perspectives on women and changing gender relations with a profound focus on inequality, or uneven development, but also the dynamism involved in rapid social change.

The book can be ordered online on the site of Rawat Publications (besides the big international distributors such as Amazon)


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