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Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies, 125 (2013)

1 aug 2013, archived in periodicals

We have just received by snail mail the Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies, 125 (February 2013 - vol. 32, no. 1), a hard copy quarterly published by the Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) of Taiwan (The Republic of China). The journal is published in Chinese and subtitled in English.

In this issue: Special Feature, Summary of Research, Researchers of Chinese Studies Scholars, Book Review, Conference Reports, News from Academia.

Special feature: "In the Fields of Shennong" by Roel Sterckx

Summary of Research: "The Circulation of Zhu Xi's Shi Ji Zhuan in Edo Period Japan (1603-1868)" by Chang Wen-chao; "The Past and the Future of Chinese Shaman Research: With Historical Studies as a Focus" by Tseng Shuang-shiow

Researchers of Chinese Studies Scholars: "Tracing the Origin and Living a Colorful Life - Cross-Century Classics Scholar Aisin Gioro Yu-Yun and the Education of Feng Yuan Academics" by Huang Chung-tien

Book Review, Conference Reports, News from Academia

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