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Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies, 127 (2013)

13 dec 2013, archived in periodicals

We have just received by snail mail the Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies, 127 (August 2013 - vol. 32, no. 3), a hard copy quarterly published by the Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) of Taiwan (The Republic of China). The journal is published in Chinese and subtitled in English.

In this issue: Summary of Research, Researchers of Chinese Studies Scholars, Book Review, Conference Reports, News from Academia.

Summary of Research: "Positing the Tang-Song Transition Discourse in the New Global History" by Sun Lung-kee; "The Literary Review and Prospects of Chinese Scholars' Research on the Taoist  Scriptural Language" by Liu Zuguo

Researchers of Chinese Studies Scholars: "Robert Morrison and His Contributions to Chinrese Teaching and Learning in Modern Times" by Bian Haoyu

Book Review, Conference Reports, News from Academia

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