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Società Italiana di Storia Internazionale (SISI - Italian Society of International History)

7 mar 2014

The  Società Italiana di Storia Internazionale (SISI - Italian Society of International History) is a scholarly, non-political, non-profit professional association established in Padua (Italy) in March 15, 2011. It is the first society of this kind in Italy. Its aims are “promoting the development of International History in Italy, supporting contacts and cooperation among Italian and foreign scholars working in this area, representing its members in the Italian academic institutional bodies and more generally in public and private bodies responsible for research, teaching and dissemination of historical culture.” 

Further objectives and purposes of the SISI are “to intervene with public and private bodies in order to ensure the most suitable conditions for the work of International History scholars both in researching – including the definition of the evaluation criteria – and in teaching; to arrange scientific meetings and conferences; to take and support all initiatives to promote scientific research and education in the field of international history and the spreading of its results (collection of bibliographic and archival material, institution of courses, awards and scholarships, publications, etc.); to endorse relations with Italian and foreign bodies and organizations of interest to International History.”


According to its Statute “de jure members are all full and associate professors, researchers and professors emeriti already framed in the scientific sector SPS/06 – History of international relations, as long as they make a request and are up to date with the fee. […] Ordinary members are all the International History scholars of international History who, after applying for membership, have been accepted by the Executive Board: non-tenured scholars in the field SPS/06, such as lecturers, research fellows, PhD students and others, permanent professors and researchers in the field 14/B2 “History of International Relations, companies and institutions outside of Europe”, those belonging to other fields and Italian and foreign scholars who are interested in the objectives of the company and with acknowledged scientific qualifications.”


The Society publishes online job listings, seminars, conferences and meetings, a detailed bibliography of Italian scholars, and a list of the main international archives. In June 5-6, 2014 at the Second University of Naples it will be held the 3rd national meeting of the society and the assembly of its members. On the occasion, it will also be awarded the best PhD dissertation in the field, with a contribution aimed to support its publication.

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