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Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture vol. 26 (Aug. 2016) 

1 dec 2016, archived in periodicals

We have just received the International Edition of the Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, vol. 26 / August 2016, which is published by the Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, Academy of East Asian of Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU - Seoul, Korea). It includes English and Korean papers.

Content: Articles; Appendix

Articles: LUO Ying, "The Jesuits' Latin Translations of the Zhongyong..", KIM Hak Ze, "Li Zhi's Religious Syncretism, or Sanjiao heyi..", GO Jaesuk, "Alternative Forms of Capitalism Supported by the Lunyu..", JIA Zhenzhen, "Time: A Unique Perspective on the Relationship between Heaven..", PARK So Jeong, " Philosophing Jigi of Donghak as an Experienced..", SHU Dhagang, "The Different Sets of Confucian Classics and the Ruzang Shuxue..", MA Jun, "Zhongdao (Middle Path) and Fortune in the Yijing..", LEE Hsing-Ling, "Kongzi's Approach to Social and Reclusive Lifestyles", TANG Minghui, "A Study of Chen Chun's Annotations of the Lunyu", CHOI Byeonggyu, "A Study of the Literary Value and Confucian Spirit of Inkstone". 

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