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Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies 44 (November 2017), vol. 36, no. 4

26 mar 2018, archived in periodicals

We have just received by snail mail the Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies, 144 (November 2017), vol. 36, no. 4, a hard copy quarterly published by the Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) of Taiwan (The Republic of China). The journal is published in Chinese and subtitled in English.

In this issue: Summary of Research, Researchers of Chinese Studies Scholars, Research Institutes, Conference Reports, News from Academia.

Summary of Research: Lee Li-yung, "Cultivating Taiwan: Reflections on Agricultural Research in Taiwan, 2013-2015"; Chiang Chu Shan, "Cultural Turn and a Global Vision: Reconsidering Recent Decades of Research on the History of Medicine Treatment in Taiwan"; Kelvin Yu-hin Ho, "Slowly Revealed Splendor: Continued Research on Men's Studies from Chinese Historical Perspectives.

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