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Food, Faminines, and the Planet

by , 23 Jan 2019 | in articles | no comments yet

An interesting article on the strategies to cope with the threat to future populations’ food security due to the way we eat and produce food: "Eat Plants, Save the Planet", by Tharanga Yakupitiyage. 

UNITED NATIONS, Jan 21 2019 (IPS) - While the modern agricultural system has helped stave off famines and feed the world’s 7 billion residents, the way we eat and produce food is posing a threat to future populations’ food security. With an expected increase in population to 10 billion in 2050, ensuring food security is more important than ever. However, current food production is among the largest sources of environmental degradation across the world. f such production and consumption patterns continue, we will soon exceed our planetary boundaries such climate change and land use needed to survive and thrive. [more]