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Where to find new manuscripts of Abhinavagupta’s Tantraloka?

by , 4 Jan 2009 | in general | no comments yet

A few days ago the classical Indologist Mrinal Kaul, who is collecting the manuscripts of the Tantraloka of Abhinavagupta, the famous Kashmiri teacher florished in the 11th century, has posted the following request:

BORI Receives Government Funds

by , 2 Mar 2007 | in general | no comments yet

On Feb 28 Finance Minister P Chidambaram announced that city-based Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (BORI) of Pune was among the four institutes in the country to receive funds from a Rs 30 crore corpus. I want to express my happiness for this outcome, and I want to congratulate the secretary of the BORI Prof. Dhadphale on this.

Burmese Women working to Expose Rapes by Military Regime Win an International Award

by , 3 Oct 2005 | in general | no comments yet

Burmese female activists working to expose the military regime's systematic violence against women, including rape as a tool of counter-insurgency, won an international women's rights award last week from the Gruber foundation. Read the full article.

Agenda journal: Call for abstracts/papers

by , 27 Sep 2005 | in general | no comments yet

The second 2006 issue of the Agenda journal will focus on Women and Culture. It is intended that in placing a gendered lens on culture, contributions to the issue will concern a rethinking and reclaiming of what culture means to women. Submissions are accepted in the following formats: Full paper; Abstract; Overview/summary of intent; Deadline: 18 October 2005. More info: Christine Davis, Writing Programme Co-ordinator. Agenda Feminist Media Project. Tel: 031 304 7001, fax: 031 304 7018;

60th Birthday of Daw Aung San Suu Ky, Nobel Peace Prize in 1991

by , 30 Jun 2005 | in general | no comments yet

By blocking their ears to repeated calls for the release of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and that they give up the chairmanship of ASEAN in 2006, Burma's generals have shown they will listen to no one, analysts say. The clamor on the Nobel laureate's 60th birthday this month to demand an end to her house arrest made little impact in Rangoon, which has ignored calls by heads of state, ministers, other Nobel prize winners and human rights activists across the ... [read the article "Deaf to the World" on Aung San Suu Ky homepage]

Petition: Stop disappearances in Nepal now!

by , 13 Jun 2005 | in general | no comments yet

Dear friends, Ms. Kumari Damai and Kumari Nepali of Kailali District and Ms. Meera Adhikari from Nuwakot District, all aged 13, disappeared - allegedly during military action - in Nepal. Since then their whereabouts are not known and their families do not know whether they are alive or dead. Thousands of other children, men and women have disappeared in Nepal in recent years. By the time you read this appeal a few more names must have been added to the list. [...] Signed: Asian Human Rights Commission Full petition

Faqir Khana's E-museum in Pakistan

by , 6 Apr 2005 | in general | no comments yet

Faqir Khana owns one the largest private antiques collection in South East Asia. This collection has been passing to several generations and boasts around 30,000 antique pieces from British, Sikh & Mughal era, For the first time in Pakistan Faqir Sayyed Iftikhar uddin (Faqir Khana museum co-coordinator & Associate member of the Faqir Khana trust) has taken up the challenge to bring it up as the first e-museum not only in Pakistan but also in the whole of South East Asia. Faqir Khana E-Museum team Faqir Khana Museum Lahore Pakistan

New Site, New Looks

by , 16 Oct 2002 | in general | no comments yet

As you may have noticed, our site now features an improved design, new user functions, and a new navigation. Existing user accounts have been migrated to our new database, and should be accessible with same usernames/passwords as before. If you notice that something is not working, or you don't have the access rights you should have, please drop us a note. We hope you will like the new site as we do.