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IAEA-Iran Nuclear Talks

by , 23 May 2012 | in news | no comments yet

The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog has said he expects to sign a deal with Iran soon on investigating suspected weapons activities connected to the country's nuclear programme. Amano also said that Saeed Jalili, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, had assured him that "the existing differences will not be an obstacle to the agreement". (Aljazeera)

Pakistan Blocks Twitter on Religious Ground

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Pakistan blocks Twitter on the ground that on the ground that it was being used to publicise a contest for blasphemous caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed on Facebook. 

Roberto Donatoni (10-03-1959/20-03-2012)

by , 22 Mar 2012 | in news | 1 comment

The Indologist Roberto (Silvio Edevain) Donatoni, one of the editors of the International Journal of Tantric Studies, has suddenly passed away on his 53rd birthday, on March 20, at his home in Milano, Italy.

He was a refined Sanskritist and Tibetologist and his knowledge was deep and comprehensive. He studied in Pune. He translated from Sanskrit the Jivanmuktiviveka by Vidyaranya (Milano, 1995). He worked for some 28 years as the editor of the Indology, Tibetan and Sanskrit books of the Adelphi.  He also owned one of the best (and biggest) private Sanskrit libraries in Italy.

Rani Jethmalani, Founder of Women’s Action Research & Legal Action for Women (Warlaw) and JSAWS Collaborator

by , 5 Jan 2012 | in news | no comments yet

Rani Jethmalani, Supreme Court lawyer and daughter of former Union law minister Ram Jethmalani, social activist, and my friend, passed away on December 31, 2011. She established in Delhi  the NGO Women’s Action Research & Legal Action for Women (Warlaw), examining factors responsible for inferior status of women; providing access to general justice; enabling women in India make laws effective; promoting the concept of human rights and aware about the rights of women in remote areas. Warlaw provided dowry victims with free legal assistance.

She also collaborated with our Journal of South Asia Women Studies, delivering a paper at the 2002 International Symposium - Understanding Indian Women: Love, History and Studies.

Census of India 2011 (provisional data)

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On March 31 it has been realeased the provisional Census of India 2011. The population is now pegged at 1210.2 million people, with an increase of more than 181 million in the last 10 years.

The worrying figure is the male-female ratio: males 623.7 million, females 586.5 million. Despite the laws to prevent female foeticide and schemes to encourage families to have girl child, the ratio of females has declined from 927 against 1,000 males in 2001 to 914, showing that son-preference is stronger than before.


Rahul Gandhi's Alleged Involvement in Gang Rape in Amethi

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The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday issued notices to Uttar Pradesh authorities and Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on a plea seeking information about the whereabouts of a woman who went missing after meeting him in Amethi in 2006 (from Express Buzz).

Apparently there is no peace for Gandhi's family. Now, there is Rahul Gandhi's involvement in gang rape in Amethi. Is it just by chance that is a member of the Lok Sabha, representing the Amethi constituency?


The Tragedy of Flood Damages in Pakistan

by , 13 Sep 2010 | in news | no comments yet

Belgium EU based Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) said that flood damages in Pakistan are unrecoverable. World community standup to help 200 millions populations, who are still sitting under nude sky without food, medicines and shelter. Post-flood diseases, loses and damages cannot be estimated yet. It is a disaster worse than Tsunami for poor majority.

The affected areas urgently need food, clean drinking water, cloths and essential using items and also cash help to go back homes. Six thousands villages and 400 thousands animals were killed, and 31 lakh Acers agricultural land has been destroyed; above all, 70 lakh peoples left their homes and lost everything in the flood. What did it do the Pakistani government? Not much or at least not well enough.



H.R.H. Princess India d’Afghanistan: How to Solve the Afghan Dilemma

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Hundreds of villagers in the Afghan province of Nangarhar protested over a Nato raid, which they claim killed several civilians. Local estimates vary from 6 to 11 dead people. The operation should have targeted Taliban hideout only, but Nato officials said they were not aware of civilian deaths.

In next issue of the Journal of South Asia Women Studies we will publish and interview to H.R.H. Princess India d’Afghanistan, one of the daughters of ex king Amanullah Khan (1892-1960).

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