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New Book: Il Duce’s Explorer. The Adventures of Giuseppe Tucci and Italian Policy in the Orient from Mussolini to Andreotti. With the Correspondence of Giulio Andreotti - vol. 1

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book coverNew book: Enrica Garzilli, Il Duce's Explorer. The Adventures of Giuseppe Tucci and Italian Policy in the Orient from Mussolini to Andreotti. With the Correspondence of Giulio Andreotti (Milan: Asiatica Association, Nov. 2015).

The book deals with the life and work of Giuseppe Tucci, the world famous Italian explorer, scholar, book collector, archaelogist, spy, and Mussolini's spokesperson in Asia. This book also reconstructs the Italian policy in Asia from Mussolini to Andreotti (1924-1984). 

Tucci was the central protagonist of Fascist cultural policy in Asia: from his first expeditions to the valleys of the Himalayas and the plains of the Ganges, to his diplomatic activity in Japan as Il Duce’s spokesman; from his encounters with scholars and leaders such as Gandhi, Tagore, the Dalai Lama, Subhas Chandra Bose, Mircea Eliade, Julius Evola and Giovanni Gentile – his great protector, along with Giulio Andreotti – to the archaeological excavations in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran in his later years, his is a human and intellectual adventure tied inextricably to the history of modern Italy, which Tucci himself helped to forge.

We tried to retrace his adventure in the pages of this book, where the pace of a thrilling narrative combines with the scientifc rigor of reconstructing the history of Fascist policy in Asia. A history based on eyewitness accounts and historical documents, including the original and unedited correspondence of Tucci and Andreotti, and the unpublished notes of Mussolini.

This volume is the first in a series of nine, which together represent an enlarged translation of the two-volume Italian book, L’esploratore del Duce: le avventure di Giuseppe Tucci e la politica italiana in Oriente da Mussolini a Andreotti. Con la corrispondenza di Giulio Andreotti (1st ed. not for distribution, Milano: Asiatica Association, Roma: Memori, January 29, 2012; 2nd rev. ed., Milano: Asiatica Association, Roma: Memori, August 13, 2012; 3rd rev. ed. Milano: Asiatica Association, April 14, 2014).

AJISS-Commentary No. 217: “Prime Minister Abe’ s Statement on the 70th Anniversary of the End of WWII: The Case for Japan’ s Public Diplomacy” by Akio Watanabe

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The Association of Japanese Institutes of Strategic Studies (AJISS) has just published the AJISS-Commentary No. 217: "Prime Minister Abe’ s Statement on the 70th Anniversary of the End of WWII: The Case for Japan’ s Public Diplomacy" by Akio Watanabe, Vice-Chairman of the Research Institute for Peace and Security and Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo.

This is the statement by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of August 14, 2015.

Commentary by Prof. Akio Watanabe:

  • Underlying the Abe Statement is the hope for a future in which the issues now confronting Asia can be overcome in the spirit of conciliation and tolerance.
  • The Statement gained the acceptance of many people for the profound remorse expressed toward the number of innocent people who helplessly suffered countless hardships due to Japan's actions, and for the prime minister's adherence to the sincerely pologetic stance taken by his predecessors.
  • The ultimate assessment of the Abe Statement will depend on whether it inspires positive feedback.

Google for Nepal Devasted by the Earthquake: Google Person Finder and Google Crisis Response

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The strong earthquake that shook Nepal on Saturday killing more than 1,900 people leaved thousands trapped in bricks or missing. No words to describe the pain, especially for those who have relatives or friends there (like me).

Google has just created two new tools to help Nepal - and the other hit countries: Crisis Response, a page to ensure the right information  and Person Finder, to find missin persons and to give information on missing persons. 

Thanks Google!


Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies, vol. 14, no. 2 (Oct. 2014)

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We have just received by snail mail the Songkyun Journal of East Asian Studies, vol. 14, no. 2 (Oct. 2014), a refereed multi-disciplinary publication on East Asian Studies in English published by the  Academy of East Asian Studies of Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea. 

Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture vol. 22 (Aug. 2014)

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We have just received the International Edition of the Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, vol. 22 / August 2014, which is published by the Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, Academy of East Asian of Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU - Seoul, Korea). It includes English and Korean papers.

Content: Articles; Appendix

Articles: Lee Junghwan, "Zhang Jiucheng as an Eminent Advocate of the Cheng Learning.."; Song Jaeyoon, "Critical Confucianism.."; Kim Woo hyung, "Moral Agent and Practical Functions.."; Lee Sang-ho, "A Study for Promoting Morality through the Application of.."; Christina Han, "Envisioning the Territory of the Sages.."; Zhang Xinguo, "The Structure of Mind in Neo-Confucianism.."; Tang Minggui, "Some Characteristics of Chen Xiangdao's.."; Jun Byungsul, "Comparing Mou Zongsan's Opinion of Toegye and Yulgok"; Zhou Junyong, Sun Weiping, "On Mengzi's Understanding of Nature"; DanChen Liu, "The Spread of Confucianism to Britain and Germany..".


New Contributor to the Asiatica Association: Gianluca Pastori

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I am happy to announce that Prof. Gianluca Pastori has accepted to contibute to our Asiatica homepage. Dr. Pastori is currently Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan (Italy).

He has contributed to the IJTS 9/1 (Sept. 19, 2013) with the paper "Shaping the Italian Policy on the North-West Frontier: Giuseppe Tucci and the Limits of the Strategy of “Peripheral Destabilization” (1936-1943)".

India: Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter Mission and Its Cost

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Mangalyaan, the spacecraft of ISRO, the Mars Orbiter Mission, today Sept. 24, 2014 successfully entered the Martian orbit. The news is that, according to a blog of The Wall Street Journal - India, it has been the world's cheapest mission to Mars.

Congratulations, India!


International Journal of Tantric Studies and Journal of South Asia Women Studies in Print and in Kindle

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I am glad do inform you that the International Journal of Tantric Studies (IJTS - est. 1995) and the Journal of South Asia Women Studies (JSAWS - est.1995) are now available in print and in Kindle.

Issues will be published later than the online format published in this site.

IJTS and JSAWS readers will be glad to know that — with the exceptions of the iPhone format — the Kindle versions show the correct diacritical marks.

Issue 1/1 is already  available in print: 

and Kindle: 

Submissions are welcome: 


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