Asiatica Association

Library Subscriptions

Institutional Subscriptions allow a single organization to obtain access to our journals by validating a group of Internet addresses (eg a library or campus network).

A single subscription grants access to a maximum of 3 class C networks (255 hosts each), for larger networks please contact us to define the subscription price.

To subscribe, please send us by fax or air mail a signed and dated copy of our Site License Agreement (A4 format pdf, US letter pdf), and your network and payment details. Payments can be made either by cheque, International Money Order, or credit card (via PayPal). Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about the Institutional Subscription process.

Our fax number is +39 02 02 700 511 864

Subscription Plans

Subscription Type Details Price (EUR) Paypal Payment
JSAWS Printed Issues Receive a printed copy of our collected issues. Packing and postage included. 35.00
Web Access JSAWS IP-based web access for 1 year to one journal. 150.00
Web Access IJTS IP-based web access for 1 year to one journal. 150.00
Web Access IJTS+JSAWS IP-based web access for 1 year yo both journals. 200.00

Money Order Details

To send an International Money Order, please address it to:

Customer name
Asiatica Association ONLUS
Intesa San Paolo
via Verdi, 8
20121 Milano, Italy